Winter Queen whisky by Fusion Whisky and Adelphi

The Winter Queen

9 Year Old Blended Malt, 52.7%

A blend of Scotch malt whisky from Longmorn and Glenrothes distilleries and malt whisky from Zuidam Distillery in the Netherlands, created by the award-winning partnership of Fusion Whisky and Adelphi.

Tasting notes:

Nose drying; polished floor boards; chocolate and desiccated coconut; Scotch pancakes topped with bacon and coated in maple syrup; manilla envelopes; crème caramel; maraschino cherry; rhubarb crumble, dark toffee and molasses; soft and creamy mouthfeel; Sunday lunch, with quince jelly and jus.

Run of 866 bottles.