The Sändebud

6 Year Old Blended Malt Whisky, 58.9%

The Såndebud is a pioneering fusion of single cask whiskies from Scotland and Sweden, created in honour of the Scottish lawyer-turned-merchant Colin Campbell (1686-1757). An enterprising character, Campbell moved to Sweden in 1731 where he co-founded the Swedish East India Company, an ambitious trade body set up to compete with similar Dutch and British endeavours. Following his knighthood and an ambassadorial appointment, Campbell led the Company’s first trade mission to China and the Far East. As Campbell’s commercial venuture thrived, new wealth flooded into Sweden, and Gothenburg flourished. Campbell was interred in Gothenburg Cathedral after his death in 1757.

Run of 1008 bottles.


The Whisky Make-up: 

Ardnamurchan 2015 (peated) cask no. 630 American oak ex PX hogshead. 

Ardnamurchan 2015 (peated) cask no. 660 Spanish oak ex Oloroso hogshead. 

High Coast 2012 (peated) cask no. 610 American oak ex Bourbon barrel. 

High Coast 2015 (peated) cask no. 2137 American oak ex Bourbon barrel. 


Tasting notes: 

Nose: Mild smoked mackerel, Arbroath smokies, fisherman’s friends, black currants, ground ginger, Bavarian cheese, flapjacks, Lapsang Souchong tea. 

Taste: Smoke, licorice twig, salty, ashy, hawthorn berries, the perfect balance of Scottish and Swedish flavour and a great balance between bourbon and sherry.